Ghextris: tetris clone with a hexagonal makeover

June 8th, 2008 edited by Tincho

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The object of the game is much the same as with tetris, only the frame and the falling objects are hexagons. You have to slot the coloured pieces together making rows, which disappear once they are complete, the game ends if the stack of pieces reaches the celling.


Hexagons are hard to stack, so the game is more challenging than other games of its type, but it gets easier with practice. The game play gets rapidly challenging, as you make mistakes or run out of room and to make it worse, the objects you get are often the most useless for the job, plus it seems as if they fall at an increasingly faster rate. A score is kept based on how many lines you complete. Your current score and the highest score can be viewed on the bottom of the window, so you can try to match or beat your best score or that of a friend.

The interface and graphics are simple and integrates nicely in with the gnome environment. The colouring of the pieces is plain, with no texture or shading, so it doesn’t distract away from the game play. The top bar has two entries: play and hepl. The play menu has three actions, «play» (keyboard shortcut: ctrl+n), «pause» (ctrl+p or just p) and «quit» (ctrl+q). The help menu only has the infamous «about» option, with details about the version and author available.

The keys for playing the game are the direction keys, left and right on the keyboard, which moves the pieces left or right. The up and down keys turn the pieces 90 degrees in one direction or the other. Pressing the space bar makes the current piece crash into the slot directly beneath it.

The version I played was version 0.9.0, which is the current version in the universe repositories of Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04 and in the Debian repositories. Ghextris is available in all current releases of Debian and Ubuntu.

The official site of the game is:

The author of the game and lone developer of it is Mikko Rauhala, who admits to being inspired by a similar game called Xhextris by David Markley.

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2 Responses

  1. Herbert Says:

    Ooh, that does look interesting - but I’ll admit that I’m having enough trouble with the squares to start taking on hexagons.

  2. schrambo Says:

    HAHA! this game is mad fun. I’m a crazed tetris fanatic but this really does add an extra dimenson to the game. Definetly spices the game up big time!

    Try out out guys.