yeahconsole: a dropdown terminal emulator wrapper for X

September 13th, 2009 edited by Vicho

Article submitted by Pete Daniels. Guess what? We still need you to submit good articles about software you like!

yeahconsoleyeahconsole is a “quake-like” dropdown terminal emulator wrapper for X. Originally written to complement the author’s window manager (yeahWM), it can be used anywhere, and is lightweight and dependency-free.

yeahconsole can be invoked by itself (in which case it simply starts your preferred terminal emulator) or with the -e (execute) argument. Once started, the default hotkey to drop down the terminal is Ctrl-Alt-y.

yeahconsole can be configured via your ~/.Xresources file, in the format:

yeahconsole*foo: value

Type yeahconsole -h to view possible resources and their default values. Some highlights:

term: Your preferred terminal emulator. xterm and urxvt are supported.

xOffset, screenWidth, consoleHeight: Set the placement and size of the
terminal. Offset and width are measured in pixels, height in lines.

aniDelay, stepSize: Delay and step size settings for the slide
animation. Setting stepSize to 0 disables the animation.

toggleKey, keyFull: Hotkeys to drop down the terminal. Set to
Control-Alt-y and Alt-F11 by default, respectively.

See the man page for more; see also the man pages for xterm and urxvt and their respective resources. Particularly note that if urxvt is used as the terminal emulator, pseudo-transparency is supported.

Other alternatives

Yakuake (featured in another debaday article) and Tilda: For KDE and Gnome, respectively. Yakuake is a wrapper for Konsole and Tilda for Gnome-terminal libvte (on which Gnome-terminal is based on). Both highly useful and, in some respects, more full-featured, but both carrying obvious overhead (and dependencies), especially if you’re not using KDE or Gnome. For instance, both Yakuake and Tilda have tabs, a feature which yeahconsole lacks. However, this writer has found yeahconsole + screen to be a much more lightweight, configurable, and ultimately satisfying solution.

Availability & Status

yeahconsole has been available in Debian since at least Etch, and in Ubuntu since Gutsy. It is unknown to this writer whether yeahconsole is in active development, but it seems to be bug-free.

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5 Responses

  1. Corsac Says:

    Tilda is not a frontend to gnome-terminal. It’s a real terminal emulator, based on libvte (on which gnome-terminal is based on, but like xfce4’s Terminal for example).

  2. John Carter Says:

    Yes.. yes… but, but, assuming you don’t play quake,… what does it _Do_!?

    Drops down.

    From where?

    What’s wrong with your alt-tab key?

    I’m foncused.

  3. GTpyro Says:

    There is also Guake for Gnome.

  4. Super Jamie Says:

    I’m a big fan of stjerm - - it’s based on libvte as well

  5. lightweight Says:

    If we have openbox wm: