Debaday needs your help (yeah, seriously)

September 27th, 2007 edited by lucas

Debaday didn’t publish anything last Sunday and Wednesday. It was simply because we have nothing to publish. :(

Due to the vacations of two editors (out of three), we were slower than usually to reply to submissions. But it’s not like we have received a lot of submissions recently.

We really need *your* help! Send us an quality article. See Contribute page for details. If you always wanted send us an article, but you did not know what to write about, here you have a small list of application people have requested or we think could be interesting to feature:

  • screenkast
  • approx
  • email-reminder
  • deborphan / debfoster
  • gaupol
  • psi
  • kid3
  • wget (yeah, surely there is people who does not know this!)
  • httptunnel
  • dctrl-tools
  • strigi
  • any game you like

If you are a user of any of this program and think it deserves be featured in debaday, send us an entry! :)

Also, we really need a fourth editor. The task includes replying to submissions, suggesting improvements, doing some minor editing and HTML formatting. You don’t need to be a native english speaker (the 3 editors are non-natives currently). And you get to read all entries before they are published, so you can show off with cool apps that nobody knows! If you can dedicate a little time on a regular basis to this (about 1 hour per week would be awesome), and think you won’t become crazy after working with ana, lucas and Tincho, just contact us!

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18 Responses

  1. redcloud Says:

    Hi! I could be the fourth editor :) I could take care of games reviews and other stuff. But I’m an italian user and my english is not perfect :\

  2. Rupert Swarbrick Says:

    Hi! I’m very happy to help - I don’t really have any articles to contribute but I’ve been reading this feed with enjoyment for a while and would like to be of service: I’m very happy to help editing / proof reading. Just drop me an email!

  3. Rubén - Hubuntu Says:

    Hi! One hour a week will do… I have been using GNU/Linux for around 10 years now and have to come to love Debian & Ubuntu. So While I won’t be writing any articles I would be glad to help checking them.


  4. Wolfger Says:

    I can dedicate an hour a week, and I’m already crazy, so add me to the list of volunteers.

  5. Jesús Aneiros Sosa Says:

    Hi, I think I could help reading and editing the articles.

  6. Adrians Says:

    Hi ! I can help you with few hours a week, writing some articles about some programs.
    Notice that also I’m not a native English speaker.

  7. Tom Says:

    I’ll write a short article on wget if you like…

  8. JT Says:

    I’d like to apply as an editor. I’ve always loved this site since I
    saw it announced, it’s been sad to see it lacking in articles and
    participation for so long. I’ll write a kick-ass article on psi
    including gpg encryption and transports, my favorite feature of
    jabber/psi. Hell, I’ll post my jabber id so noobs can instant
    message me for help. I’m a native English speaking college student.
    This article will have to wait a few days since I have some school
    papers to write.

    I tried to email this, but it got rejected.

    : does not like recipient.
    Remote host said: 450 Server configuration problem
    Giving up on

  9. Remko Tronçon Says:

    @JT: It would probably best to hold on to that Psi article for a while, because the new release is coming real soon now. The old release is almost 2 years old, and has gotten a lot of look&feel and usability improvements.

  10. Mauro Says:

    My 2 cents: once I’ve tried to submit an article, but the submissin process is not quick. This discourages many people in my opinion.

  11. Thomas Says:

    You should have recieved a article about wget from me :-)

  12. JT Says:

    Ok, I’ll write an article when the new version comes out.

  13. Paul Says:

    Your contact information says i should email to contact you, but this is not working at present. I get the following error:

    (host[] said: 450 Server configuration problem (in reply to RCPT TO command))

  14. debian fanboy Says:

    I submitted your debaday’s help request to a Slashdot-like newsticker (for the german speaking folks).Debian Package of the Day braucht Unterstützung

  15. Der Kantinenblogger Says:

    Will the editors proofread and correct articles submitted by non-native writers? I really would like to write some articels, but my english is not perfect …


  16. lucas Says:

    @Paul: yes, the email address is not working. We are working with our hosters to fix that.

    @Mauro: we know that the reviewing process is long … That’s why we are trying to find a fourth editor. We just have to wait until the mailing list is fixed to follow-up :)

    @Der Kantinenblogger: yes, just use your best english, and we will try to improve your entry after you. You don’t need to be a native at all.

  17. Chris Says:

    I think an article about curl would be more useful because it’s more flexible than wget. The only unique feature of wget is its mirror/recursive mode. In any case, an article should cover how you use these tools without using passwords or logins as command-line parameters because this issue is often ignored or not even recognized.

  18. Difei Says:

    Why not send a copy to the debian-user list, could draw more attention.