rtpg-www: Please your dearest with rtorrent’s power

February 1st, 2009 edited by Vicho

Article submitted by Dmitry E. Oboukhov. Guess what? We still need you to submit good articles about software you like!

Many people use a wonderful bittorrent client: rtorrent. It is an extremely easy and convenient program for servers. However, its Command-Line Interface may scare some.

If you’re already using apache then you may use an external GUI for rtorrent. rtpg-www (RTorrent Perl GUI) is a package package that quite recently appeared in Debian (Sid) and Ubuntu (Jaunty). It will please your nearest and dearest with a nice web interface, as they will be able to run rtorrent without having to touch the dreaded terminal :)

rtpg screenshot

The package comes with an already configured virtual server. In its simplest variant all you need to do is:

  1. Answer “yes” on debconf’s question about adding a line to /etc/hosts (only if dpkg asks you medium priority questions)
  2. Switch on the scgi module with a2enmod scgi
  3. Enable the virtual server in apache: a2ensite rtpg.apache.conf
  4. Reload apache to activate the new configuration: invoke-rc.d apache2 reload
  5. Add “scgi_port = localhost:5000″ to your ~/.rtorrent.rc

Now, you can go to http://rtpg/ and start using it! With it you can:

  • add/delete/view the list of torrents.
  • Control torrents’ download priorities, start, and stop them.
  • Control torrents’ file-by-file download priorities.
  • View the statistics: rating, number of peers, download/upload rate, etc.
  • Control the overall download/upload rates (for all torrents).

rtpg Console skinrtpg supports skins which are easy to add by yourself. For those of you who doesn’t want to get out of the habit of using console there is a cool “Console” skin ;)

So install and enjoy! Good luck!

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9 Responses

  1. UNera Says:

    pp 5 and 6 are mixed

  2. martins Says:

    check out rtgui as well. i think it has nicer UI.

  3. Simao Says:

    Does it support protocol encryption?

  4. UNera Says:

    >Does it support protocol encryption?


    You may to use httpS.

  5. UNera Says:

    >check out rtgui as well. i think it has nicer UI.

    There are also other GUI for rtorrent, however at the present point in time their packaging for Debian is impossible because of bugs (32bit integer overflow) in stable XMLRPC library. rtpg-www doesn’t use bugs in this library ;)

  6. igomez Says:

    I use torrentflux, another web interface to torrent developed in PHP. It supports users with personal directories and download of downloaded files

  7. felipe alvarez Says:

    is that uploading at 92 kilobytes per seconds, or kilobits per second? If it is the former, it is ought to be KB, and not Kb

  8. Matt Says:

    Can it be used with smaller web servers like lighttpd and others? That would make it a good choice for small embedded sbcs.

  9. UNera Says:

    >Can it be used with smaller web servers like lighttpd and others?

    Yes. Begining from version 0.1.0 rtpg can to use direct connection to rtorrent’s SCGI-port/socket. In this case rtpg is an easy CGI-script :)