htop: powerful top replacement

December 17th, 2006 edited by lucas

Entry submitted by Kristoffer Lundén. DPOTD needs your help. If you want it to continue in 2007, please contribute !

htop is a very competent interactive process viewer for the shell, providing all the functionality - and more - that the top utility does, in an easier and more intuitive way. htop provides easy-to-use menus for most operations and also has support for using a mouse.

In short, htop is an easier to use and friendlier version of top. While it hasn’t as much time behind it and therefore is less tested, it seems to work very well both locally and over SSH, and it’s well worth taking it for a spin. It’s just one of those small utilities that makes life a bit easier.

Target usages:

  • Users who don’t want to memorize or constantly look up keyboard shortcuts for top.
  • Users who want a clean and friendly interface to view and manage processes in the shell.


htop is available in Debian stable at version 0.5.1-1, testing and unstable both has 0.6.3-1. Latest Ubuntu release, 6.10/Edgy has 0.6.2-1, while the LTS release (6.06/Dapper) has 0.6-1. The development version (Feisty) currently has version 0.6.3-1. The latest version upstream is currently 0.6.5 and the program is actively maintained.

htop was created by Hisham Muhammad, who is also one of the developers for Gobolinux. Other contributors to the program are listed on the homepage.

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7 Responses

  1. Kartik Mistry Says:

    I use ‘htop’ regularly! its cool!

  2. Roman Lagunov Says:

    Looks funny, but one glitch:

    After reading help by pressing F1 key, htop stop update information, so I should press ctrl-l for this.

    Very strange.

  3. musti Says:

    that’s really amazing!

    its easy to renice or kill a process.

    htop provides a lot of visual features (bar graphs, led display… )

    i wish to see full status of cpu. especially user, system, waiting percents, which i cant get width htop.

  4. jeremiah Says:

    Nice tool, good review.

  5. Azar Says:

    Indeed a nice enhancement to top.
    I love it, thank you so much.

  6. InterMa Says:

    ou, it’s so cool~~

  7. Mark Says:

    Thank You